Club History

Crestview was founded in 1921 by three businessmen who wanted to build a playhouse based on their love of companionship and sports.

Their dream became a realization when it caught fire among their associates. With great courage, they leased one of the finest quarter sections of land surrounding Wichita-160 acres of virgin sod between 17th and 21st and Fairmount College and Oliver. They platted out the golf course, then fenced the greens to protect them from cattle that rightfully roamed the area. The remaining buffalo and surrounding wild grasses contributed to the natural appeal of the original golf course. The spirit of Crestview has remained strong through World War II, the Great Depression, a fire that destroyed the original Clubhouse, the move to its current location in 1969, and many other events throughout its history. Today, as in years past, Crestview Country Club is recognized as a prestigious social center for Wichitans, combining challenging golf courses with an abundance of family activities.

Crestview Country Club
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